Welcome to my web page

Hello friend,
First of all thanks for visiting my web page. I will introduce myself, My name is unnikrishnan.A an engineer in electronics and communication. Now i am doing a course on mainframe at C-DIT, Cochin. My interest's include anything related to computer and electronics. I am a big fan of linux and opensource. I am a member of ubuntu community and like to use it in my computer. I am a little impatient guy ( it is one of my negative aspects ) and my friends said that i am a serious person ( I also got a prize for being the serious person of the class :-) ). But i dont think that i am a serious person. Beside i like to be a commadian those who make laugh every body. My hobbies include stamp collection, website design, listening music and watching filims.

Contact me

If you like to contact me please do it by dialing +919995324520 or by sending a mail at unnikrishnan_aj@yahoo.co.in

My creations

I like to be creative but my plans always be there as pending one. I never finishes my new ideas and plans it's because i already said my impatientness. But some of my ideas are there wich i got compleated those include a blog for mainframe technology and a data collection for my college. If you are from cape institute of technology please visit the data collection website at http://www.capetechdatabank.co.nr. The blog for mainframe technology i created using wordpress. You can visit that at http://www.mainframe.co.nr and if you wish to join as a author please inform me.


I like to express my thanks to http://www.oswd.org for this web template. And again thaks to visit my web page. Vsit again ( Dont forgot to send a feedback).